A new season...
Friday, September 21, 2012 at 06:10PM
Rick Fleishman

It's time for The new Fall Season!!!! of podcasts, sponsored by the all-new 1966 Chevy Bel-Air!  

Right? See what I did there? None of that is true, of course, except that I'm doing a show on Friday 9/28 with Judy Chaiken, the woman behind the new doc The Girls In The Band, a study of female jazzers and their struggles to be heard.  This should be an interesting show.  I haven't seen the film and I don't know Judy, though I know and have played with some of the women featured in the film, so I expect learn a lot in this hour.  I'll let you know.

In the last few weeks, gigs the needs of a wife with a broken leg, and the heat that makes my little studio a hellmouth in the afternoon until I turn on the air conditioning have conspired to keep me off-mic for a while, but I'm lining up guests for the Fall, so watch this space and Twitter for details.

Meanwhile, surf over to www.thegirlsintheband.com for a preview.

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