Afterbeat #18 - David Shorr and Ian Roller of the LNJO
Sunday, June 23, 2013 at 06:32PM
Rick Fleishman

We're back, with another show on the future of jazz and jazz education with a pair of young lions. Guitarist/arranger David Shorr and saxophonist Ian Roller co-lead the Late Night Jazz Orchestra (LNJO).  Based in Los Angeles, these recent Cal State Northridge grads have organized their own big band made up primarily of other twenty-something players around town.  Who does that at that age?  These guys I guess; I dunno - I didn't do it; I have enough trouble keeping a quartet together.  Both play with maturity and command of the technical and emotional components of music.  In addtion, David Shorr is beginning to get noticed as writer, with charts in the LBJO book as well as contributions to the act of singer/actor Melora Hardin.  

LNJO has played at the Blue Whale and Typhoon, among other L.A. venues and they've recorded music for the upcoming re-boot of vid game classic Leisure Suit Larry. Most of the members are making their mark on the L.A. scene as sidemusicians and leaders in their own right. These guys are definitely the ones to watch, and they are able to speak eloquently about their experiences in both academia and the real world.  Listen to Afterbeatpod #16 and hear the future.



Afterbeat #18


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