I've been on the road for a combination of gigs and vacation, so the last month has not been as active as usual.  I'm in the process of lining up guests for the next few weeks, though, so keep visiting the site and watching iTunes.  There will be new shows posted after Labor Day.  

Thanks to Leo Laporte (and Ozzie) for showing the web site to several thousand people and letting me plug the podcast while I was visiting the TWIT studios recently. TWIT is must-see for a podcaster of any ambition.  Leo has a pretty good understanding and appreciation of music and always seems to find a few minutes to hang out with fans; a real gentleman in every way. 

Meanwhile, I'm playing live here in town this week.  Check out my itinerary page for details and come in and say hello.


Afterbeat #15 (Part 2) - Dr. Thom Mason on jazz education (and more)

Here's Part 2 of episode #15 with Dr. Thom Mason of USC.

Afterbeat #15 Part 2


Afterbeat #15 (Part 1) - Dr. Thom Mason on jazz education (and more)

Sax player, arranger, composer and educator Dr. Thom Mason joins me for a two-part episode on "Jazz Ed." Since most of the previous shows have touched on this subject, I wanted to get a full-time educator in to explore jazz ed in depth, and there's no one that I know better equipped.  Thom founded the USC Thornton jazz department, and was its first and long-serving chair.  He's thought about these issues; he even brought in notes when we recorded!  In addition, he played with Buddy Holly (and didn't get on the plane, obviously).  That's a story worth hearing.

This is a two-part episode, so get comfortable and enjoy.

Afterbeat#15 Pt.1


...and we're back...

Summer break is over, at least here at the Afterbeat podcast. We're getting back to bidness with a subject that's been a recurring theme on almost every show: jazz education. I've lined up an expert: Dr. Thom Mason, the founder and first chairman of the Jazz Studies Dept. at the USC Thorton School of Music.  A fine sax player, composer and arranger, Thom's also an old friend; we've played pretty much every kind of gig there is to play.  He's one of the smartest cats I know, and he really thinks about jazz ed - where is it going; how does it stay relevant; should we be teaching now what we taught then?  All good questions; it should be a lively discussion.  

Thom will be recording Friday (7/13); I'll post the show on Sunday (7/15).  Some great guests coming up, so watch the twitter feed (@afterbeatpod) or check this page for updates as well.


Afterbeat #14: Bob Sheppard

Great talking with Bob.  We reminisced about the days when he had hair, of course, but weightier matters soon prevailed. Jazz education seems to be an ongoing subtext on the show, possibly because most players also teach at some level and tend to be thoughtful about the experience. Sheppard is no exception to this and has a lot to say on the subject, but we also touched on his Philly roots, his days teaching and gigging in New York and NOLA and how that led him to Los Angeles and gigs with everyone from Kristin Chenoweth and Horace Silver to Steely Dan and Chick Corea.

I like his recent album Close Your Eyes.  Bob himself says he's "under-recorded" as a leader and has plans to make more CDs.  Busy as he is with gigs and teaching at USC, I hope this happens. He's a West Coast guy now, but he retains an aggressive East Coast attitude in his playing, maybe the closest thing L.A. has to the late Michael Brecker.

I somehow forgot to get a pic, but I found one online.  More info on Bob at