About the afterbeat podcast

The Afterbeat is a series of one-hour (or so) conversations with musicians and other music industry participants who have had a significant affect on the state of the art as players, composers, arrangers, vocalists or educators.  The focus is largely on jazz and roots music because that's what I love to play and to talk about, but I'm not saying I couldn't branch out from there at some point (I would have loved to talk to Nicholas Slonimsky; Stephen Sondheim or Avenged Sevenfold would be great as well).  I'll be concentrating on Los Angeles-based players because much of the history and lore of music in L.A. is slipping away from us.  The scope may expand if demand and  resources allow.

The emphasis will be on the arc of a career, not plugging this week's gig or latest release.  The nature of podcasts is that they may or may not be heard when fresh; it's an "on demand" medium, so currency is of less importance than depth. As had been said elsewhere, it's all about content, so I'll try to make it interesting to me and that should be interesting to you too.