A note about the audio of the Bill Holman show...

The audio on Bill Holman's mic was not all it could be, and I apologize for that.  It's the fault of a bad cable as well as bad mic placement on my part.  I think the photo below of an actual session shows just what I'm up against in my small studio: it's almost impossible not to get the occasional gremlin in the works.  

Rest assured the offending cable has been banished forever and I'll be making some other changes to assure better quality in the future.


Bill Holman! Bill Holman!!!

Legendary - really - arranger/composer Bill Holman records a show next Friday.  I'll post on Sunday 2/19. Willis has been on my "wanted" list since the Afterbeat began, so I'm really honored that he's coming in.  This will be cool; really cool.



Afterbeat #9 - The L.A. Jazz Collective

Great talking with bassist Ryan McGillicuddy and pianist Gary Fukushima, both composers as well, about the Collective and the future of jazz and progressive music in Los Angeles.  These guys will make it happen; I'm convinced of that.

The L.A. Jazz Collective's sampler CD - original members playing their own compositions - is on their website, www.lajazzcollective, as well as at CDBaby.  

Here's a pic with the bears:

Afterbeat #9


Coming up on the Afterbeat...

I'm putting together a panel on the future of jazz in Los Angeles: what is the current state of the art, how do you - can you -  pull a living out of the music, are things getting better or worse?  Most of the guests on previous shows have brought this topic up; it's time to devote a full episode to the discussion.

The "future," means youth, of course, so I'll be talking to some of the younger players on the scene.  More details as things gel, but this will be an intriguing discussion in any case. Watch this space.


Afterbeat Extra - video of Ron Anthony and Barry Zweig

Ron, Barry and I were all attending and playing at a recent party.  Here's a vid I shot of the two guitarists and pianist Ben DiTosti playing.

Afterbeat Extra - Ron Anthony and Barry Zweig play guitars from Rick Fleishman on Vimeo.


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